Who said weird hairstyle is bad?

Imagine walking into a shopping mall with a weird hairstyle that looks like a giraffe in Africa attracting the attention of everybody?! Hairstyle is an art that started long time ago from the times of ancient Egypt to the Mesopotamia. From both genders hairstyles the art of hairdo has gone through changes and ‘metamorphism’ from the short kinky hair of the Khoisan in Africa to the long braids of Brazilians lady.

These has brought forth to weird hairstyles that are crazy and weird. Hey who said crazy and weird is actually bad? This makes you unique unlike everybody. Beauty is a perception and an art so is hairstyle since its through art that one gets to express themselves though it might appear weird to others.Fashion so as hairstyle too is a way of making statement. Who seriously wants to go the conventional way doing things like everyone else? hence weird hairstyle does it from me, folks got have to try their hands on something new no matter weird it may look. its all an art hence weird is good so is weird hairstyle?!

strange weird female hairstyle

unusual weird hairstyle for women

craziest weird hairstyle in shape of crown

weird hairstyle with many braids, made in a shape of corona

weird, but funny hairstyles with a scarecrow

weird short hairstyle with several highlights

weird wedding hairstyle for extraordinary bride

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