5 hairstyles for the most photogenic square faces

Did you know that women with square shaped faces tend to be the most photogenic? If this is your shape, you should look for hairstyles that smoothen the sharp edges of your face by experimenting with the following options:

Slightly wavy long hair

Ideal for softening the marked jaw of square shaped faces. You can add side bangs to give a final harmonizing touch.

Long straight hair

Better loose, with some strands of hair partly covering your face. To add movement and volume, you can get it cut in multiple layers.

Long bob

Better looking for square faces than the short bob because it elongates the face. You can wear it with very few layers and somewhat disheveled. You should avoid aligning you hair with your jaw.

Layered hair at shoulder length

It is recommended for this type of face to have multiple layers of hair. This way, you will add movement that disguises the sharp lines of your face.


If you want your hair with bangs, there are two options that will do wonders. If you want to reduce the width so normal in square faces, go for long side bangs. If you are looking to elongate your face, straight and thick bangs should be your choice. Make sure it covers your eyebrows and all your forehead, and make it longer on the temples.

Make the most out of your photogenic face with the hairstyles that best suit you!
chic hairstyle for square face

medium-length hairstyles for square face

long square face hairstyle with curls

short hairstyle for square face

straight square face hairstyle

blunt bob hairstyle for square face

short hairstyle for square face

medium-length square face hairstyle

stunning square face hairstyle with locks

long square face hairstyle for ladies

bob hairstyle for square face

long bob hairstyle for square face

wavy short hairstyle for square face

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