8 Vivid hairstyles to make you gorgeous in parties

Wedding hairstyle plays an equally important role as wedding dresses. Here are some among the best recommended simple wedding hairstyles that can make you look gorgeous in parties. Let’s start our reference with Vintage Updo.Vintage updo hair styleIn Vintage updo, a small bun is tied at the back of hair. To spice up the beauty of bun, curls are hung upon the each side of head. Here, you can make use of hard hair spray so as to keep the hair in position. Almost all the medium length hair can choose this bridal hair style for parties.

Waterfall Twist

Waterfall twist, made by twisting hair at the middle and tied to the back hair adds elegance to all brides. To give a free flow appearance, it is generally recommended to make use of spray wax. Waterfall twist can be recommended to face of any shape.

Cascading curls

Cascading curls are generally recommended to brides with long hair. As the name suggests, curls of hair are pinned in such a way that it freely flows on the shoulder portion of brides. Brides with square shaped face can certainly choose this hair style for parties.

Sleek updo

In sleek updo, a bun is pinned at the middle of back of the head. Applying some shine spray on head can make person look gorgeous in appearance. Sleek updo works best on all brides with oval face.

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