Classic and new punk hairstyles that are sensational

Punk culture has been a part of our history for over 50 years. Though it has evolved its message is still the same- freedom of style, uniqueness, and making a bold statement. This unique style of bold colors and strange apparel is not just for the stars whom have endorsed the punk culture lifestyles but it is highly sought out by us common folks. So how do you nail that hot punk look? You can’t stop with the right clothes, you need to have the hair to match.

Classic Punk Hairstyles

You can’t get more classic than the infamous Mohawk. You may see this look on the lead guitarist of your favorite punk rock band or embraced by many models in some of the hottest fashion shows. So how much will it cost for you to get this look? The price varies from one salon to the other but it typically ranges between $50-75.00. That’s it!

New Punk Hairstyles

Very unique while incorporating the classic Mohawk is the Tribal Mohawk. This is very common style enlisted by many celebrities. Tribal prints are died into the small hairs along the side of the Mohawk making a bold statement. To achieve this style the best city to visit is Los Angeles. However, you better believe it is going to cost you a pretty penny. This style can run over $200.00.
The best way to achieve the punk hairstyle look that is going to make you stand out is to be yourself and create a look that fits you.

punk hairstyle with highlighted ends

colorful punk pixie hairstyle

classy punk hairstyle for women

punk hairstyles for medium length hair

punk hairstyle with purple mohawk

punk hairstyle with shaven temple

punk hairstyle with colored mohawk

punk hairstyles photo - 22

medium length blond punk hairstyle

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