Gorgeous hairstyles that will protect your hair

Protective hairstyles are amazing for keeping your hair healthy and making you look breathtaking at the same time. These hairstyles usually involve having all of your hair in braids, twists, buns and knots. It protects your natural hair from sun damage, dry air, wind and other environmental factors that can easily harm it.

Simple bun

This is an easy every-day hairstyle but it is great for protecting your hair! Don’t forget to make sure that all the hair on your head is completely smooth and you will get a gorgeous look.

French braid bun

Make two French braids on both sides of your head and then collect all of your hair to bake a bun on the back of your head. Decorate with a few bright pins and enjoy a romantic look.

Playful twists

Twisted hairstyles are much easier and faster to do than braids and you can style them however you want – you can come up with your own looks!

Mini buns

Make a lot of small buns to go all around your head and put some flower pins to make them look even fancier.
Classic braid. A simple yet elegant protective hairstyle for every day.

protective curly hairstyle with braids

protective hairstyles for long curly hair

cute protective hairstyle for natural hair

protective hairstyle for short curly hair

medium length protective hairstyle with braids

protective updo hairstyle for natural hair

protective hairstyle for shoulder length hair

protective bun natural hairstyle

protective braids cornrows hairstyle

protective updo black hairstyle

protective bang and bun hairstyle

cool protective hairstyle for natural hair

protective hairstyle with shaved sides

twisted protective hairstyle


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