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The most lovable hairstyle is the mushroom hairstyle and it is done by both the males and the female,this makes them just to look as if they have a mushroom on their heads,really? but the truth of attaining this is just as simple as i am going to show you,make yourself beautiful and handsome by just applying a dust of retro ,blow it on your prepared head by using a thick and round blush and also a dryer ,these two gives your hair a rounded volume at the top ,and that the top is where the mushroom hairstyle is all determined since it must look like a real mushroom grown on the ground ,lets move on ,the design of the end at the ears and its neck is graduated and smartly short .From the design that we have now produced, character is then developed by providing bangs a curve which has been swept, while the rest is then rounded from the top to the bottom in a soft way,then the finishing bit is very simple since you just apply a smoothing lotion and some finger styling to produce your mushroom hairstyle you wished.I hope you have listened carefully to the procedure of making you look so much lovable.

cute korean mushroom hairstyle

mushroom hairstyle for japanese girl

moder short mushroom hairstyle

red mushroom hairstyle

asian mushroom bob hairstyle

casual mushroom female hairstyle

mushroom hairstyle with bangs

fancy short mushroom hairstyle

ombre mushroom hairstyle

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