Proposed medium length hairstyles for fine hair

The fineness of hair is measured by its diameter and thus people with thinner hair have a higher number of hairs from their scalp but that does not necessarily mean that they have fine hair. Thus fine and thin hair are two different words with two different meanings. Medium hairstyles for fine hair can be made into following designs:
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1.Two Pony Twister:

-The style works well if there is more hair in the pony and suites well for oval shaped face.

2.The Side swept fringe:

Hair is designed to fall on one side of the cheek to portray a heavy side fringe and is suited for a round face.
medium hairstyles for fine hair photo - 3Twisted 3.Tresses:

-The hair is twisted to the back of the head and ironed to make the curls. It is best for oval and round faces.

4.Straight Shooter:

Hair is styled to fall down the shoulders straight but with a front bang.

5.Side part with curls which are lightly tousled.

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Other styles which can fit in fine hair include, Glamorous Blowouts, Lightly tousled layered hairstyle, Easy elegance and Breezy hairstyle, Layered Lass, Bridal or Holly wood curls and Curly Updo Buns with bangs. Hair with fine texture is very easy to manage and it holds shape longer than the majority of other hair textures.

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It fits in for very many hairstyles but largely blends well with layers or curls. Mostly the cost of styling medium length fine hair is around $30 depending on the style selected.
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