Different types of Indian hairstyles

Indian hairstyles are many. One needs to pick on one that best suits her hair type and size. They include

Half Up Half Down Curls hairstyle

This style is best for medium length hair. Curls are made to add bounce and texture. The hair from front is then pinned on the top of the crown. The hair from below are also pinned giving a great ponytail effect.

Soft curls with long bangs hair style

The style is made by curling the hair at the back from the tips using big curls and the front is made shorter by two inches then left to fall straight. This gives a stunning look.

Low messy bun hairstyle

It is made by pinning differently from the front hair and a messy bun made at the back. The style is made outstanding by adding a shiny fancy hair pin accessories.

Side swept curls

Made by first curling the hair using a rod. Sweeping the hair to the side is done and then secure the back of the hair using bobby pins. A medium hold hairspray gives a nice look.

Side braid hair style

Made by brushing the hair to the preferred side then braiding it. One can buy a different braid to give a new look. French, fishtail, or dutch braids can be used. To make it lovely, a few strands of hair may be left or styled up with neat bangs.

Elegant Updo hairstyles

Made by puffing the hair up a bit then hold it in place using clips and pins. Use puffs to lift the hair so as to give it a more puffed up look. A hair spray makes it neat for a longer period.

Mid part ponytail

This hairstyle is done by making a neat center cut. Sleeking and polishing the hair then follows. Use of accessories gives it a daring look.

In conclusion, these hairstyles are suited for all occasions. They are easy to make and require very minimal time. Try them them and you will appreciate your appearance.

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