Top 5 simple hairstyles for work

All workplaces dictate their employees’ dress code; and this includes their hairstyle. It is therefore important to ensure that whatever hairstyle you settle on maintains the harmony at your place of work.

So below are five hairstyles for work that will not let you down even when you’re on a last minute rush.

1. The straight permThe simple, straight and all business look of this style makes it ideal for almost any workplace. It also requires less time than others to do, making it a pretty good last minute option for a formal appointment.

2. Ghanaian linesGhanaian lines or cornrows offer a lot of wiggle room when it comes to both formal and informal work environments. The longer thicker braids are better suited for a more laidback environment, while the shorter, thinner ones make the perfect hairdo for formal environments. 3. The weaveThe short weave is probably the unofficial hairstyle of most formal workplaces. This could probably be due to its mature, sophisticated and yet fun look.

4. The bunThis is definitely the simplest and the most accepted hairstyle for both informal seminars and formal boardroom meetings. The bun is definitely the option to go with whenever in doubt.

5. The Brazilian blowoutThe simplicity of this hairstyle allows for a lot of subtleness without necessarily making the wearer look plain. As a bonus, this hairstyle actually helps improve the health of your hair.

Despite the simplicity of some of the above hairdos, it would be best to plan well ahead of any event or gathering in order to give yourself enough time to properly do your hair.

up to shoulders hairstyle for work

hairstyle for work gathered up into a bun

elegant hairstyle for work

twist out natural hairstyle for work

hairstyle for work with a 	hairband

very short hairstyle for work with a frindge

ponytail hairstyle with braid for work

hairstyle for work with a braid across a head

hairstyle for work with a braid

modern low ponytail hairstyle for work

 austere hairstyle for work

businesswomen short hairstyle for work

evening hairstyle suitable for work

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