9 hairstyles that will make you look like a Greek Goddess

When you hear the word “Grecian” you instantly picture Aphrodite and Athena with their pastel togas, beautiful smiles and breathtaking hairstyles. With these Grecian hairstyles you can look like a Greek Goddess every day.
Grecian headband. This hairdo is perfect for long hair and it’s very easy to do on your own. It will only take a few of minutes and a simple headband. And it can easily be turned into a chic evening look by inserting a few flowers in your hair.
High braid and heavy curls. Make a large braid to go around your head just above the forehead and curl the rest of your hair to achieve this stunning romantic hairdo.
Aphrodite fishtail. If you don’t have a lot of time to spend on your hair but still want to look gorgeously chic you can use this simple variation on a regular fishtail braid.
A Maze of Braids. This hairdo will take longer than others but it will leave you looking like a Greek Goddess. Make a braid to go around your head in circles and decorate it with a few hair clips.
Messy Bun. This simple updo was invented in ancient Greece when busy women didn’t have much time to braid their hair and it is still extremely popular!

grecian hairstyle with a tail and hairband

grecian goddess hairstyle for short hair

grecian high hairstyle with a headwrap

grecian hairstyle for long curly hair

grecian boho hairstyle with curls for long hair

grecian hairstyle for long hair with two braids

grecian hairstyle with bun on the back

grecian hairstyle with a hairband, made of flowers

grecian hairstyle with a headwrap for long hair

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