Fun hairstyles – a great way to stand out from the crowd

Things aren’t going so great in your life? What can help better than adding a little craziness to your life with a band new haircut? Try out these new fun hairstyles to make every day or your life brighter!

Rainbow hair

Who says hair can only be black, brown, red and blond? You can just as easily make it purple, green, yellow or even make it look like a rainbow.
Play around with bangs. Try growing out really long bangs for a stylish magazine-cover look or turn yourself into Audrey Hepburn by cutting it short and chic.Shave! Clearly the hottest thing of this year. There are hundreds of ways to do this, but the main point is to shave a part of your head. Sounds weird? Maybe, but the result looks great.
Experiment with length.

Did you know that dramatically changing your appearance can change your life? Try getting a short haircut and donating your long hair if you are going through a rough time. Who knows, maybe it will help. And if not, you will still be left with a new stylish look and a great feeling that you’ve helped someone.
With these fun hairstyles you definitely won’t be lost in the crowd!

fun up-swept hairstyle with braid

fun purple teen hairstyle

punk fun hairstyle for long straight hair

fun short hairstyle with skew fringe

fun long hairstyle with the curl on a forehead

fun curly natural hairstyle

fun hairstyle with a tail and a long fringe

fun curly hairstyle with purple locks

fun tomboy hairstyle for teenage girl

fun curly hairstyle with locks

fun hairstyle with light wavy curls

unusual fun hairstyle in the the shape of a Christmas tree

very short fun pixie hairstyle with fringe

hairstyle with two fun tails on the sides

fun bride hairstyle with delicate braids

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