Changing the scene: a brief primer on emo hairstyles for girls

So you just copped your tickets for your local stop of the Warped Tour, the cute guy at the record store you’ve been eyeing all summer delightedly took you up on your offer to go, and you got a kick ass outfit combo of those purple jean leggings and that vintage Senses Fail tee. Now you just have to figure out what to do with all that hair you’ve basically kept in a pony tail the last three months to avoid the heat. No worries, with the right hairstylist, emo hairstyles for girls are simple, trendy, and leave you looking unique and fierce.
There are three main aspects to emo hairstyles for girls, bangs, layers, and color. The traditional straight and perfect cutting styles are thrown out the window here. Bangs are usually the first thing people associate with an emo hairstyle. We’re not talking about your mother’s fresh and straightened bangs. Most emo styles incorporate bangs that are rarely straight or symmetrical and often partially cover the eyelids and sides of the cheekbones. Emo hairstyles are all about multiple and varying layers and cutting them to style often involves a choppy cut. Color is one of the most important aspects to achieving a chaotic and original look from your emo hairstyle. Some choose the classic solid black or deep brunette look, while others use multiple highlights of colors like platinum blonde and cherry cola to uniquely showcase their creative personalities.
Emo hairstyles for girls are as diverse and expansive as all the different girls that wear them, but there are a few traditional and classic cuts that can be varied to your personal style for a great summer look.

1. The bob style

A staple of women’s hair fashions since the late 50’s, emo style puts a whole new punk rock twist to the traditional bob cut. The emo bob makes use of bangs, bangs, bangs. Usually the bangs are the longest part of the emo bob and reach all the way to the lower cheek bones or even chin, while the rest of the style becomes shorter and shorter as it moves toward the back. Some may shave the hair on the back of the head to the nape of the neck.

2.The super volume style

Seemingly a remix of the hairstyles of the pop metal bands of the 1980s, this hairstyle is defined by teased flowing hair and a big lift on the crown. Emo style usually recasts this arena rock tribute with random streaks of blonde, red, green, or any of your favorite colors.

3.The Angled style

The Angled style is the emo original, and probably the most well known and common of emo hairstyles for girls. Heavily layered and employing a straightened and angular side format, this style can easily be customized and is a simple style if you’re looking for something that can go from the mosh pit to the work place.
This is by no means a complete breakdown of the emo hairstyle for girls, talking to your hairstylist about your preferences and thoughts can take a standard style to a personal statement about who you are. Most of these styles can be yours for anywhere from 30 to 50 dollars, leaving you enough for the merch booths. Using your own preferences and creativity whichever emo hairstyle you choose, will have you looking like the wild child you are, and ready to change the scene.

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