How to fake a bob haircut?

There are various elegant hairstyles that are suitable to your idea of style. Elegance is a personal thing that inspires you right from your hair style to your attire. There are various elegant hairstyles that range from hairstyles for short, medium and long length hair. All these being suitable for different occasions either casual or formal and the attire intended to be put on. The elegant hairstyle below is an easy one that is favorable for a job interview or a special occasion.

You start by teasing your hair around the crown area. You can skip this if at all your hair is fairly thick or even if teasing your hair is not something you like. Tease your hair slowly and gently. Take one section of the hair around your crown section and gently comb upwards then bring it to the front. Do this until you are through with the crown area. At this point you can use some hair spray. After teasing the hair around your crown section you could bring it back and smooth it out gliding on top of it with a comb or teasing brush.
In order to redefine the side parts at the front, use the end part of your comb to separate your hair in a diagonal pattern. At this point using your hair spray is optional. Let the side parts fall back to give the style a more natural look.

Take the hair above the ears and squeeze the end parts of the hair around your finger and roll it inwards. Using big bobby pins, secure the roll in place from both sides. The hair above the roll will naturally fall down forming the first element of this hairstyle.

Two more rolls remain to complement the hair style from the bottom. Take half the remaining hair and squeeze it upwards. Secure it in place with bobby pins from both sides. Fit the other roll that remains into the space that remains. Every time you use a bobby pin, open it and push it as far as possible to catch both the scalp hair and hair closer up. Match the rolls together; gently pulling the sides of the rolls to connect them. The elegant hairstyle is complete.

Sprays which are effective include; Sexy hair concepts big hair spray and stay intense hold which goes for 13.82 USD. Beauty without cruelty natural hold hair spray which costs 7.20 USD which provides quality hold preventing stickiness.

cute elegant hairstyle with large curls

elegant ponytail hairstyle

elegant hairstyle with a beam on the side

elegant messy hairstyle

elegant hairstyles ''french twist''

wedding elegant hairstyle

high curly elegant hairstyle

braided elegant hairstyle for long hair

elegant high bun hairstyle

elegant hairstyle for medium length hair

blond elegant frizzy hairstyle for long hair

side bun elegant hairstyles

elegant pixie hairstyle

loose tresses elegant hairstyle

elegant hairstyle for long hair with pinned back

elegant wedding hairstyle with pretty roses

glamourus elegant wedding hairstyle

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