How to keep short hair stylish

Hairstyles vary in designs and short hair actually when styled in a simple way looks better. One of the designs to make up short hair is by curling it. However, the design of the curls depends on the style selected as curls can either be tight, fluffy or twisted.

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Curls in a hair can either be natural or artificially made in a saloon. Artificial curling is done by a curling iron. Some general styles which are for short hair are twists, waves, pixie cuts and wigs. Some of the curly short hairstyles include:

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  • Synthetic short curly wigs which are added to short hair and have different curly designs.
  • Curly finger waves-mostly waves are confused with curl. The thinner the waves the easier to curl the hair is by use of curling iron.
  • Marcelling: -Style made by use of curling tongs and are deep waves but are curly at the ends.

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  • Perm: -Hair is chemically treated and ironed and as hair grows out the chemical also comes out.
  • Jehri curls: -permed hairstyle which is curled almost like the afro.
  • Bob cuts:-The hair is cut short up-to-the jaws and curls are made through iron heating.

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  • Spiral curls:which are also called ringlets and can be made by rollers.
  • Kinky twists.

In conclusion, most of the short hairstyles can be curled since mostly short hair is not made into braids. Never the less, braids can also be made on short hair.styling a short hair can cost in the range of $15 to $50 depending on the style.
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