The evolution of crazy hairstyles in the modern age

TheoneVictor Even as technological advancement brings about modernization, some fashion trends refuse to fade and are continuously recycled. Especially for hairstyles, the statement holds true. There are different hairstyles like the 80’s rocker which is still trendy to date. The mohawk is still fashionable even amongst today’s teens. The ‘jordan’, a hairstyle which draws its name from the famous basketball star is common and acceptable in nearly all social circles.

A style which is also making a return is the ‘bob’, which was very popular in the 70’s. The afro, although not very popular these days, can still be spotted every now and then amongst fashion lovers. However, there are crazy hairstyles mostly associated with the modern age. A good example is the half-shaved style which is very popular amongst celebrities. These style entails longer hair combined with a shaved section. Some crazy hairstyles include the graffiti head where the shaving machine is used to curve out words or images on the head. More experimental fashion lovers choose to dye their hair bright or screaming colors like yellow or green. At the end of the day it’s all about being fashionable, unless of course you let your crazy hairstyle define you.

crazy weird hairstyle

crazy hairstyle for guys with long hair

crazy hairstyle in form of deer on forehead

crazy short hairstyle with bangs

crazy hairstyle with shaved temple

crazy hairstyle in form of animal

crazy colorful short hairstyle

crazy splendid hairstyle with sided buns

crazy hairstyle for long curly hair

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