Its your choice, blonde or brunette hairstyle

Is there a scientific reason why most men are just into women with a specific hair colour?One of the advantage women have is the choice to style their hair whichever way it suits their imagination. They can even colour their hair blue! Don’t be surprised its an hairstyle. What about black, blonde, or brunette hairstyles ? They are quite popular among women in the U.S. A. If opt to go for brunette, well just colour it brown and you will be good to go.

What’s the difference between blonde and brunette hairstyles?

Brunettes are seen as mature, self sufficient, and more intelligent. Scientific studies have shown that blondes earn an average. Not to worry, we have seen celebrities like Elle change their hairstyles between blonde and brunette.

Possible price of hairstyles in USA

Is it the money that gets you the good hairdressers ? Or is it just your creativity and being yourself? In USA, hairdressing costs as high as $100-$150. For instance, to estimate the price of hair products; Clairol’s Root Touch-Up ($7.99), Ritab Hazan Root concealer ($24), color silk ($4.49) and L`Oreal Paris Rescue ($7.99), and others.

short brunette hairstyle for oval face

long brunette hairstyle with light waves

pretty ash brunette hairstyle

long brunette hairstyle with swirls

medium brunette hairstyle for straight hair

brunette hairstyle with bleached locks

sexy long brunette hairstyle

long brunette fuzz hairstyle with curls

straight brunette hairstyle of Fergie

light brunette long hairstyle of Jennifer Lopez

brunette hairstyle with locks at the front

medium length brunette hairstyle

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