Popular 80s hairstyles

The  retro craze has indeed taken its toll on many fashion aspects with one most notable area being in the hair styling. Precisely, the 80s hairstyles are increasingly becoming popular with many women preferring the throwback concept associated with these styles. Here is a brief sample of some of the 80s hairstyles that are increasingly becoming popular among the current day modern women.

One of the most popular hair styles back in the day that is currently popular among many women is the scrunching. The technique involved creating massive and heavily textured hair through a combination of heavy gelling and blow drying. Currently, most women adorning this unique hair style opt for a more subtle look as compared to the 80s one. The scrunching was and is still a little bit on the pricier side as compared with other 80s hairstyles.

The side pony tail is indeed another hair style that is credited to the 80s. The side ponytail can be worn in several ways with some ways designed to attain a more laid back look while others designed to attain a more formal look. The side ponytail is one of the cheaper options from the 80s collection with most stylists charging less $20 for this look.

The headband is among the most popular hairstyles that is becoming trendier by the day. A lot of people might not know this but the headband is also another 80s hair style that involves tying your hair with a headband that conspicuously draws attention to your forehead. The head band is rather affordable to adorn since all that one need is a classy looking head band and you are good to go.

80s curly women hairstyle

vintage female 80s hairstyle

short 80s women hairstyle

80s shoulder-length hairstyle

80s curly hairstyle

80s hairstyle with a headband

80s bobcat hairstyle

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